Attur-Rakodu New Hill Rider Service

TNSTC-Salem region Hill Rider service to Kalvarayan Hills

TNSTC-Salem introduced new hill rider service to Kalvaran Hills from Attur to Rakodu Route. Though villages of PERIYA KALVARAYAN HILLS falls in ATTUR taluk administration, they have to travel around 80 kms to reach ATTUR. There is no direct connectivity through Road.
First bus service connecting plains ATTUR with villages of PERIYA KALVARAYAN HILLS 

பல ஆண்டுகளுக்குப் பிறகு

“”பேருந்து வசதி”””.!!!!

(ஆத்தூர் -கருமந்துறை -அடியனூர் -இராக்கோடு)

இயற்கை வளங்கள் சூழ்ந்த
“பெரிய கல்வராயன் மலைகளை”
சமவெளியடன் இணைக்கும்
“முதல் பேருந்து”..

ஆத்தூர் வட்டத்தில் பெரிய கல்வராயன் மலைகள் இருக்கின்றன. ஆனால் ஆத்தூர் நகருக்கு வர சுமார் 80 கி.மீ பயணிக்க வேண்டும்.
இன்னும் நேரடியாக சாலை இல்லை.
தற்பொழுது தான் நேரடியாக பேருந்து வசதி துவக்கப்பட்டது


Attur-Rakodu Via Karumandhurai, Thekkampatti

Courtesy : Attur FB Page


9 comments on “Attur-Rakodu New Hill Rider Service

  1. Do any one knows Kodumudi depot bus in the route vellore covai via solasiramani & Cbe- Thirupattur by Erd region is doing it service. If so what is the timings

  2. As the CM announces why not yet they have splitted villupuram & kiumbakonam regions
    Why they have stopped registering TN27Nxxxx

  3. Yesterday evening while moving from avinasi to Perundurrai around 6 pm I seen 25 chassis with tstc sticker

  4. In the last 2 weeks its surprise to see special buses from Valparai, Gudalur, Annur, &Kunnur depot operating special cbe to salem.
    I Know pollachi, MTp,Ooty, kmpt are only doing it. Now its a surprise.
    Also MMI is doing 1 regular service with 38N249x
    Also annur depot doing cbe-Ed service. Is any one of Cbe-rasipuram/namakkal/Ed from UPM is transferred to annur depot

    They mentioned in news that 4 depots were constructed as they informed in budeget. But only annur & opr-3 were over.
    Remaining at sulur may be under construction what about Kinathukadavu
    They mentioned the remaining 2 at peru r& madhukarai was in delay

  6. Now HOB is operating 140 & sungam is operating 130. Do any one knows its reason

    Why they still not transferring trichy & MDu bound buses from MTP, sungam, UPM, ukkadam &poy to opr-3

    Also every district head is connected with other district head excluding ooty why?

    Cbe, erd &tpr is not connected with the following districts
    Vellore, Kanchipuram, Villupuram, Thiruvallur

  7. If transfer to opr-3 happens then they also transfer some salem buses in other cbe depots to upm & palakad bus to ukkadam

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