Retired Kollihills Rider in Yercaud Ghats

Transferred bus from Kollihills

TNSTC-Salem region recently added new buses to Kollihills. 11 New buses are operated to Kollihills from Namakkal, Salem and Rasipuram. TN 30 N 0855 was previously running in Rasipuram-Othakadai Route and now getting new bus. Hence, the bus was transferred to Johnsonpet-2 Depot and now running in Yercaud. TN 30 N 0855 Johnsonpet-2 Depot in Salem-Yercaud Route


2 comments on “Retired Kollihills Rider in Yercaud Ghats

  1. Is any newbies are in construction at any BBU’s
    Also in Karur is any rebuilding works happening
    I have seen a new one 33N3128 Ed-ooty today morning

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