TNSTC-CBE in TN 38 N xx00

Archieved Collections of Coimbatore registration Buses

TNSTC-Coimbatore region now crossed TN 38 N 31xx Mark. Thought of Update something different from the usual routes and Buses. so started update some Different and Special Registration Number buses. Started here with always special and Rare (xx00) Registration Buses. 1100, 1700, 2000, 2600, 3000 are no more on roads. so we exclude that numbers. here we for the Specials…

Except Erode region, Tirupur, Ooty and Coimbatore region’s having this special xx00 Marks in TN 38 N Registration. We try to update TN 33 N Serial too in upcoming days.

TN 38 N 0600 Coimbatore region Pollachi-2 Depot in Pollachi-Parambikulam/Topslip Route (Thanks to Original Pic Owner) this one replaced by TN 38 N 0852 later TN 43 N 0340 and now TN 38 N 1306 running in the route

TN 38 N 0900 Tirupur region Tirupur-1 Depot in Tirupur-Perumanallur Route

TN 38 N 1000 Coimbatore region Ukkadam-2 Depot in Ukkadam-Sugunapuram Route

TN 38 N 1200 Tirupur region Palladam Depot in Tirupur-Chandirapuram Route

TN 38 N 1300 Coimbatore region Valparai Depot in Pollachi-Shekkalmudi Route

TN 38 N 1400 Coimbatore region Pollachi-3 Depot in Pollachi-Azhiyar Arivu Thiru Kovil Route

TN 38 N 1500 Ooty Region Ooty-2 Branch in Market-Kandhal Route

TN 38 N 1600 Tirupur region Udumalpet depot in Udumalai-Vettaikaranpudhur Route

TN 38 N 1800 Coimbatore region Mettupalayam-1 Depot in Mettupalayam-Puliampatti Route

TN 38 N 1900 Ooty Region Ooty-1 Depot

TN 38 N 2100 Coimbatore region Valparai Depot in Valparai-Pollachi-Udumalai Route

TN 38 N 2200 Coimbatore region Sungam-2 Depot in Ganapathy-Kovaipudur Route

TN 38 N 2300 Coimbatore region Head Office Depot (Thanks to Binai K Shankar) This bus is now no more on roads

TN 38 N 2400 Coimbatore region Sungam-1 Depot

TN 38 N 2500 Ooty region Ooty-1 Depot in Gudalur-Erode Route

TN 38 N 2700 Coimbatore region Sungam-1 Depot in Gandhi Managar-Kovaipudur Route

TN 38 N 2800 Coimbatore region Ondipudhur-2 Depot in Coimbatore-Madurai Route

TN 38 N 2900 Tirupur region Kangeyam Depot in Kangeyam-Perundhurai Route

TN 38 N 3100 Coimbatore region Ukkadam-1 Depot in Coimbatore-Trissur Route
TN 38 N 3100


3 comments on “TNSTC-CBE in TN 38 N xx00

  1. Good Collection! Most of the buses are Leyland! Why TN 38 N 2300 Is Scrapped? When it is Scrapped?

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