METTUR – SALEM Manmadharasa Bus

Mettur is an industrial and tourism town located in the Salem district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is best known for the Mettur Dam.

Mettur is known for its huge dam, power, chemicals and aluminium. The maximum percentage of water requirements for irrigation in Tamil Nadu depends on the Mettur Dam. Mettur is one of the sources of electricity for Tamil Nadu. It has Thermal and Hydro Electric Power Stations. The Mettur Thermal Power Station acts as a Base load power plant for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Mettur being close to the transportation hubs of Erode and Salem is well connected to both these cities as well as to Dharmapuri. Bus services operate from Erode & Salem at the most frequency, with bus services once in every 5 minutes.

One of the important short distance routes for Salem region. Mettur depot gets newbie in major allocations. Periodically the fleet on Mettur – Salem gets new buses.

Manmadharasa Bus 

TN 30 N 0463 Mettur – Salem (Point to Point)

This bus was tagged as the Manmadharasa Bus. Once this bus was minting money in Salem district. It showed  No. 1 in collection. It was a nightmare to private players in this route and gave stiff competition to them. Kudos to the crew who took care of the bus very well. They were so dedicated and cared their bus much more than bus fan. No words to describe their passion and love for the bus alloted to them. They went directly to the body building unit at Namakkal to do some modifications even when the bus was getting ready there. Also gave inputs regarding the fixing of Audio Video systems and the color scheme to be done for the bus. They spent almost Rs. 20000 from their own pocket in order to beautify this bus. The theme was planned and designed using computer graphics. The sticker works were quite unique and the livery was astonishing. Everything was taken care in detail and perfection. Even the depot marking of this bus is unique. The garland decoration was awesome on the day of flagging off the bus. The result was far excellent – could not take the eyes off the bus.

Pic credit: TNSTC SALEM fb page. One of my ex school mate who owns private bus in this route too witness to this beauty on induction date.



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