TN 38 N 3124-New Bie-Coimbatore to Trichy

Brand New bus from Coimbatore region

TNSTC-CBE region started Replacing old buses in Coimbatore-Trichy Route. Already we updated

Nine New buses (TN 38 N 3114, 3115, 3116, 3117, 3118, 3119, 3120, 3121, 3123).

We can expect some more Trichy new buses soon.

TN 38 N 3124 TNSTC Coimbatore-Ondipudhur 2 Branch-Coimbatore to Trichy Route

Via: Palladam, kangeyam, karur

This bus was taken near Karur Bustand.

Front View:

Rear View:


13 comments on “TN 38 N 3124-New Bie-Coimbatore to Trichy

  1. New bus waiting in Erode region Perundurai depot

    A new guy TN33N3137 is waiting inside Perundurai depot for replacing TN33N2855 in the route Erode-Tirupur NBS via Perumanallur.

    And 3135 & 3136 are already started its operation in Erode-Tirupur OBS via Uthukuli.

  2. Many special buses in CBE-Salem
    Due to introduction of 1 to 1 service in CBE-SLM(By upgrading existing buses) now many special buses are operating to replace the upgraded bus routes. May be they will be permitted also.

    some of the depots in cbe operating are Perundurai, Pollachi-1,2,3, Karumathampatti, Maruthamalai, Anthiyur, Gobi, Erode-1,2,3, Kavunthapadi and Bhavani.

    I think Annur, Sathy, MTP, HOB, Sungam also

  3. HI sir, its S1/45C from Annur depot doing shuttle trips as
    S1- Ondipudur to Manikaranpalayam
    45C- Gandhipuram to Annur

  4. After election some new city bus routes have been introduced,
    🙂 3D/45C SGM-II depot, doing shuttle trips from gandhipuram to annur as 45C and gandhipuram to kovaipudhur as 3D
    🙂 4F/130 UKD-II depot ukkadam to varapalayam via poomarket, thudialur, pannimadai.
    🙂 one of the route 140 is doing a long trip from Singanallur to Gandipuram and to Karamadai

  5. All the buses are SLF only sir. nowadays no new routes are given with ordinary buses. may be for some routes downgraded moffusil buses are alloted at times, which are already existing. for new routes they are only SLF buses:)

    • Almost we dont get any new SLF. I think some SLF(S11A, 140) were replaced by EXP. They will be given

      • I think there will be only very few SLF spare buses and is there any idea of new
        SLF for cbe during next innagural like Mdu in the last time

  6. @KARTHIK, S11A and 140 are having only SLF buses, they are not replaced by EXPRESS buses.An extra service from Ukkadam-1 depot has been added for S11A route.TN 38 N 1360.It is an ordinary fare TML bus.

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