91/31E New City Bus Service

TNSTC-Coimbatore region new city bu service

TNSTC-CBE introduced new city bus service connecting Kovaipudhur/Press Enclave to Idayarpalayam and SITRA in two different type of enroutes for benefit to the public. Bus Running in the following routes

91 – Idayarpalayam-Kovaipudhur Via Poomarket, Selvapuram, Perur, Sundakamuthur

31E – Sitra – Press Enclave via Lakshmi Mills, Railway Station, Ukkadam, Kuniamuthur, Kovaipudhur

TN 38 N 2466 CBE’s Sungam-1 Depot in #31E/91


7 comments on “91/31E New City Bus Service

  1. Is S17/31E is converted into this route
    Oldly Slf is in operation for 91 only upto Gandhipuram and later it was not avialable
    What about bus number 9(is it existing one replaced by ne w bus or new route)
    How many buses opened in this inagural at Sundakamuthur

  2. Hi Ramesh, I have a couple of pictures of SETC Chennai – Velankannai Kadal Pura A/C service, can you pls send me an email with ur email id…I will forward the pics so that you can post it in the blog

      • Thank you. Can a see a new bus 9. Is it new route with old/new/rebuild guy?
        I think govt started its opening ceremony
        we can expect newbie soon in this month or next month

  3. No no no Karthik, Route # 9 gets an old rebuilt guy which was running in Route # 39.They done full FC & stickering for the bus an alloted him Route # 9.Currently Route # 9 is TN 43 N 0347.

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