Annual Bus Fans Meet – Brindhavanam BLOG

It was a great pleasure to welcome you all to this year’s Annual Meet, celebrating not only our accomplishments, but also to celebrate our hard work and all these years achievements.

It is so important for us to have this opportunity to connect with our fans, members; after all – that’s what it’s all about for us. We wanted to start by thanking you for joining us today; your support and presence here is indicative of the steps we’ve made in the right direction, and of the possibilities of what could be as we continue on this path.

We are proud of our reputation, and have worked hard to establish it.

It was a delightful moment when Mr. Boopathy Reddy – a TNSTC staff who willingly came up for the meet and we had a great time with him. It was  a big honor for our team.

It was important for us as a Team to enter this phase with not only the same passion and purpose that our predecessors (Ramesh who is currently senior member) channeled when they established the blog few years before, but also to add our own flavor to the mix.  To do that, we needed to review our practices to establish:

  • A refocused passion that reflected the need’s of today’s fanning community,
  • A renewed presence, to command the stage, and
  • A rejuvenated purpose that would inspire our members, our team and the community to push for more.

Then there was a moment of long wait for the media popular bus and everyone ready to capture that guy.

Almost it was the first ever BBU visit for many. We had a tour of REC. Thanks a zillion to Dani for organizing it and Mr. Karthi of REC to allow us for this to happen apart from giving valuable info and very patiently answered the queries and  explained in detail.

Post lunch, there was presentation ceremony. Mr. Boopathy distributed the gift to the fans. Then came final moment to conclude a great day out. The fanning actually continued for the 2nd day at Yercaud unplanned by Salem team. Short, sweet and memorable trip.

Yes, it is about the success we have met as an Team, the synergy we have found within these walls, the barriers we have knocked down, and the opportunities we have built up.

On the way to Karur for Anual Meet

From Salem on the way to meet at Karur

Two Wings Meet


Team assembling


Team in action



Krish having a ride with FZ


Bharathy having a ride with FZ


Shankar having a ride with FZ


Dani in Action

Dani in Action

Krish in Action

Krish in Action

Harishwar & Shankar in Action

Harishwar & Shankar duo in Action

Gokul & Dani

Gokul & Dani

Group Chat

Group Chat

Riyaz in Action

Riyaz fanning

Harishwar desparate for the media popular Devfort – Tiruppur guy

Krish clicking TN 63 N 1719

Krish clicks the media popular guy

Harishwar desparate for N 1719 Devakottai - Tiruppur guy

Finally long wait comes to an end – TN 63 N 1719 Devakottai – Tiruppur; well decorated guy

The media popular Devakottai - Tiurppur well decorated bus

Shankar & Krish at BBU


Silambu & Shankar at BBU


Shankar at BBU


Riyaz & Bharathy @BBU


Shankar, Ramesh & Dani


Krish, Shankar, Ramesh & Dani


SMR Ramesh posing with S.M.R (shortest Omni;Namakkal – Coimbatore)


S.M.R with Logo


Shankar posing with S.M. R (Ex Service Man Coach) 


Bharathy posing infront of Bharat (Royal’ s)

Bharathy posing infront of Bharat (Royal' s)

Group Pic @BBU


Group Pic infront of ready bus


Post Lunch Group Selfie


Gifts for Presentation Ceremony


Boopathy Sir Receiving Gift

Boopathy Sir receiving Gift

Sakkarai Nathan Receiving Gift

Sakkarai Nathan receiving Gift

Bharathy Receiving Gift

Bharathy receiving Gift

Krish Receiving Gift

Krishna Receiving Gift

Gokul Receiving Gift

Gokul Receiving Gift

Silambu Receiving Gift

Silambu Receiving Gift

Prasanna Receiving Gift

Prasanna Receiving Gift

Ramesh Receiving Gift

Ramesh Receiving Gift

Daniel Receiving Gift

Daniel Receiving Gift

Harishwar Receiving Gift

Harish receiving Gift

Karthi Anbu Receiving Gift

Karthi Anbu Receiving Gift

Team meet Adieu


Meet 2nd Day at Riyaz Home – Getting ready for Yercaud


Rosemilk time – specially for Gokul – Wonderful Hospitality by Riyaz & Family


Gokul having fun


Fans gearing up to click MSMP


Nizam in action 


N. S. The Oldest operator to Shervaroys Hills (Yercaud) nearing its centenary year


Auto Selfie


Group pic


Gokul & Riyaz


Prasanna with Kurinji


Shankar with Kurinji



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