TNSTC-Coimbatore region New Learner Buses

Downgraded Learner buses from CBE Region

TNSTC-Coimbatore region driver training institute which was located in Pollachi is the one and only center having driving simulation training while driving in TN. Totally 6 Learner buses are attached to this Unit which was served as a Passenger vehicles from the beginning. There are two Hill Station buses, and 4 Usual buses are attached in the previous days. Apart from 4, Three buses are bit old and they are BS-2 Model buses. But present days are BS-3 Models. So Officials decided to Change that 3 BS-2 Buses to City services, and get back BS-3 Model buses to Learner Vehicles.

Old Coimbatore-Palakkad Buses from Ukkadam-1 Depot recently getting newbies. so couple of old buses which was ran in that route are downgraded to Learner Vehicles. We are trying to click all the new learner vehicles. Luckily we got it atlast.

TN 38 N 1402, 1403, 1405 are taken from Learner buses and TN 38 N 2083, 2871 and 2876 are in place for the above.

TN 38 N 2083 Ex. Valparai Depot Valparai-Pollachi, Kadambarai-Coimbatore now as a learner bus

TN 38 N 2871 Ex. Tirupur-Palakkad from Ukkadam-1 Depot. Later spare from Maruthamalai Depot. now as a Learner Vehicle

TN 38 N 2876 Ex. Tirupur-Palakkad from Ukkadam-1 Depot. Later was with Karumathampatti depot for spare. now downgraded to Learner Vehicle



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