Transferred buses from Erode Region

Erode region transferred buses in Coimbatore

TNSTC-CBE Erode region recently downgraded 15+ Tata buses to city services in Erode, Bhavani and Gobi areas. Some Good condition buses from Erode region in TN 33 N 18xx are transferred to Tirupur and Coimbatore region’s for replacement of very old buses exists in the above mentioned regions. Coimbatore region closely received 8 Buses from Erode. TN 38 N 10xx are slowly sent to Scrap yard and TN 33 N 18xx are in place for them.

Ukkadam-2 Depot gets maximum share of 4 Buses. OPR-1 Depot gets 3 and remaining one to OPR-3.

TN 33 N 1803 Ukkadam-2 Depot Ukkadam-Serayampalayam #24A replaced TN 38 N 1024

TN 33 N 1807 Ukkadam-2 Depot Nehrunagar-Madukkarai Market #31 replaced TN 38 N 1026

TN 33 N 1826 Ondipudhur-1 Depot Singanallur-Keeranatham #63A replaced TN 38 N 1028

TN 33 N 1834 Ondipudhur-1 Depot Gandhipuram-Pappampatti Pirivu #93A replaced TN 38 N 1031

TN 33 N 1835 Ondipudhur-1 Depot Ondipudhur-Saibaba Colony #109 replaced TN 38 N 1027

TN 33 N 1836 Ukkadam-2 Depot Ukkadam-Vakarayampalayam #98A replaced TN 38 N 1032

TN 33 N 1837 Ukkadam-2 Depot Gandhipuram-Thondamuthur #94 replaced TN 38 N 1034

TN 33 N 1840 Ondipudhur-3 Depot Gandhipuram-Akkanaicken Palayam #69C replaced TN 38 N 1035


4 comments on “Transferred buses from Erode Region

  1. Sir, Can I have your contact number.
    Saravanan M
    The New Indian Express

  2. why this time Erode region transferred oldies here
    whereas in Kangeyam 16xx (C4) & 17xx(C9) are still working) but under erode none of 17xx were there
    Also Tml of 13xx in cbe & 10xx of AL were scrapped here but in TPR they are doing their services

    38N23xx & 24xx services are startedt to move into townies

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