Rebuild City bus build by CEC, Pollachi

Refurbished City Bus after Major Accident

TN 38 N 2455 Introduced in 2010 for Coimbatore-Palani Route from Pollachi-2 Depot build by Coimbatore region’s own CEC Pollachi body building unit. upto February-2016 it was running in the same route from Pollachi-2 Depot. After that, it got transferred to Valparai Depot and running in Valparai-Tirupur as a spare. to be the bad time, it was met with Major Accident near Negamam in Pollachi-Palladam Road.

Bus body and interiors are totally get damaged and bus sent to Body building unit for reworks. after reworks the bus downgraded to City bus and refurbished. Now it was successfully running in the roads in Coimbatore city with new look. Good job done by Unit

TN 38 N 2455 when it was color livery clicked in 2012

In Green Livery

After transferred to Valparai Depot, Doing Valparai-Tirupur

Met with Major Accident

After Rebuild, TN 38 N 2455 Sungam-2 Depot in Gandhipuram-Rottigoundanur Route #3S

It’s Rear


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