Hinder Route # 68C of Coimbatore city resumed.

Route # 68C which was plying from Singanallur Bus Stand to Thudialur was stopped by Coimbatore region’s Ondipudur-1 Branch due to bus shortage as well as poor collection.TN 38 N 1980-A Leyland SLF was plying for this route earlier.Due to response of the public residing on those areas, the route has been cut-shorted and has been resumed.The route is cut-shorted from both ends and the bus is now plying between Saravanampatti to SITRA.TN 38 N 1170 A rebuilt bus of Coimbatore region’s Ondipudur-1 Branch is now plying for this route.


When TN 38 N 1980 was plying between Singanallur Bus Stand to Thudialur.


Presently TN 38 N 1170 serving from Saravanampatti to SITRA.

Front pic.

Rear pic.


2 comments on “Hinder Route # 68C of Coimbatore city resumed.

  1. Today also I have seen it
    It has a pair also which is spare bus
    Oldly they started it with Singanallur-Cheran managar and rerouted this
    2014 & 19xx were operated by ondipudur-3 depot in the route-100C but 68 is under Sungam
    what about 100 & 115 is it with sungam itself

  2. Also today a surprise that SETC CBE depot operated Cbe-Arani which is also stickered as route number 437 it seems
    Its old route of Cbe-Thiruvannamalai-Arani I think

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