TN 01 N 6032-Pamba operating S.E.T.C’s recovery van.

S.E.T.C operates Pamba to Chennai and to other districts during SABARIMALA Seasons.Good number of buses and well maintained buses will only be operated for the purpose of Bhaktha’s for the comfortable travelling convenience.Due to some minor faults , buses will used to get breakdown, during those times TN 01 N 6032 of S.E.T.C’s Shencottaih Branch recovery van which always used to get rested in Pamba during Sabarimala season’s gets the buses recovered from minor problems.Recently it got its face lifted.Here is the past and present pic of TN 01 N 6032.

TN 01 N 6032-Past picture in original face.Thankyou Reno Ruberts Sir.


The present picture of TN 01 N 6032.Recently taken during my trip to Sabarimala.On the side rests TMD 1720-S.E.T.C’s official purpose Jeep.



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