Coimbatore – Arani New Route by SETC

Arani is a town and a municipality in Tiruvanamalai district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The name comes from the word araneeyam which means a place surrounded by a forest. In olden days Arani was called Aranyam. Aar means Athi tree; such trees once covered the region. In the north of Arani, there was a river, the Kamandala Naga river. These trees and river looked like an ornament; hence the name Arani.

The town is well known for Rice and Silk in Tamil Nadu, Majority of the population in and around the town are depending on Agricultural and Weaving related occupation. The revenues of the town are the major contribution to the revenues of the district. There are more than 250 Rice mills with in the town limit and stands second in the state to produce rice next to Thanjavur region.

Arani is the 2nd largest town in the district after Thiruvannamalai. It is located about 38 kilometres (24 mi) from Vellore and 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Thiruvannamalai. The city is well connected through various well formed roads, the state highways SH-4 (Arcot – Arani – Gingee – Villupuram Road), SH-132 (Vellore – Arani Road),Arani-Tiruvannamali Road are the major roads connecting Arani. The nearest railway station is “Arani Road” located at Kalambur, which is 8 km from the town.

SETC has recently introduced a new route from Coimbatore to Arani. It is a rare route connecting a Tier II city with a town apart from District HQ or major city. The bus was captured around 4.35 p.m. at Salem CBS towards Coimbatore. It would help majorly the pax commuting to Tiruvannamalai (plus nearby towns) from Coimbatore to have a comfortable journey. At present quite a few 3×2 seater express services byt TNSTC is seving between Coimbatore and TVMalai. A pair of bus from Coimbatore SETC Branch has been deployed.

Pic: Prasanna & Krish

TN 01 N 9889


TN 01 AN 0408





3 comments on “Coimbatore – Arani New Route by SETC

  1. Slowly they transferring route 100 & 100C, 68 towards OPR from Sungam
    Next they transfer 140, 20, 10C, 10B, 36, 40 from HOB
    10D, 22A, 92, S12 from Maruthamalai
    2, 115, 9 from Sungam
    S11A, 44, 44A, 44C, S19, A2, 31, 31D, 39 from Ukkadam

    This is possible when Sulur depot opened either some to sulur like 44, 90, 40, 39, 31, crossing Chinniampalayam and towards Hopes & SITRA will be given to OPR

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