Chennai – Tirunallar Service (Villupuram Region)

Villupuram Region has added a direct Chennai – Tirunallar Service for the benefit of pilgrims visiting Tirunallar. This is overnight service from Chennai. Pilgrims can use this service to visit Tirunallar at low cost.

Time at CMBT: 8.45 p.m.

TN-32-N-3873 Chennai – Tirunallar 1 TO 5 service of Puducherry Branch.

Stops Enoute: Pudhucherry, Cuddalore, Chidambaram and Karaikal.

Pics and info: Praj

TN 32 N 3873


2 comments on “Chennai – Tirunallar Service (Villupuram Region)

  1. After opening Ondipudur-3 some of town services from OPR-1 & 2 were transferred to it
    Now from OPR-1 a new route 63B was added in Gandhipuram-Keeranatham route

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