Part-2- New Buses of Coimbatore region.

As there will be no more inauguration in this period, TNSTC will be operating its new buses without any formal inaugural.In the sense TNSTC-Coimbatore region started operating its new buses.This time Coimbatore region recieved New buses from TNSTC-Kumbakonam’s Manmangalam Unit as well as TNSTC-Coimbatore’s Cheran Engineering Corporation of Coimbatore region located in Pollachi. Continue reading


Coimbatore to Salem route by four different region’s.

Coimbatore to Salem is one of the greatest hit route by TNSTC-COIMBATORE.Also TNSTC-CBE operates 1 to 1 service which is a greatest hit.CBE to SLM is operated by four different region’s of TNSTC-COIMBATORE such as COIMBATORE REGION , TIRUPUR REGION , OOTY REGION , ERODE REGION.Here comes the operations by four different region’s. Continue reading

Coimbatore-Tirupattur New Service

Operated by TNSTC-Erode Region

TNSTC-Coimbatore Erode Region Operating many services Originating Coimbatore. Coimbatore-Salem and Coimbatore-Erode Route, Erode region is the leading operator. In the same way, Erode Region Introduced new bus service in Coimbatore-Tirupattur Route Via Salem Continue reading

Coimbatore-Salem Your Fast Express

முத்து ரதம்

TNSTC-Coimbatore Tirupur region having two services in Coimbatore-Salem Route one each services from Dharapuram and Palani-1 depot. Coimbatore-Salem by Palani-1 Depot now tagged as “Your Fast Express” as well as Muthu Ratham on windshield Continue reading

Coimbatore-Attur Service by TNSTC-CBE

Third CBE region service crossing Salem

Totally Coimbatore region having 3 Services which are crossing Salem. Coimbatore-Tiruvannamalai, Coimbatore-Hosur and Coimbatore-Attur. Coimbatore-Hosur by TNSTC-CBE is currently not available to the commuters. lets hope, this service was resumed shortly.

Coimbatore-Attur Pairs by Uppilipalayam Depot Continue reading

Coimbatore-Salem by TNSTC-Salem

NH-47 Bypass Riders From various depots of TNSTC-Salem

Coimbatore-Salem Route is Part of NH-47. This route is Complete 4 Lane now. After that, TNSTC-Salem induct many new brands in this route as 1 to 1, 1 to 5, SUPER FAST and 3 Hours services. Even Erode Region also having one service too as 1 to 1 in this Route.

Here comes few Express Buses in Coimbatore-Salem Route Operated by TNSTC-Salem Regions Various depots. The Other side from Erode Region also operating this route by their Various Depots. But Coimbatore Region Operating this route only by Uppilipalayam depot. Continue reading

SUPER FAST Bus in Coimbatore-Salem Route

கோயமுத்தூர்-சேலம் இடை நில்லாப் பேருந்து, நேரம்: 3 மணி நேரம்

TNSTC Salem Division Operating Couple of Buses in Coimbatore-Salem Route as Non-Stop “SUPER FAST” Service with Total Running Time of 3Hrs in NH-47 Bypass. Coimbatore-Salem Already Having 1 to 1 Service by Salem. Now this Super Fast Service also Money Spinning One for Salem Region.

Here we go for the Pics. There are Two Buses are in Service. But Got Only One. Hope i got Remaining One Very Soon…

TN 30 N 1272 of Johnsonpet-1 Branch in Coimbatore-Salem Route as Non-Stop SUPER FAST Continue reading